The Spotlight

Jack Kessler is a photographer and videographer attending UNCW. Interested in the history of the Wilmington area, he seeks to document the ways in which Wilmington’s residents try to make themselves known to posterity – whether that be through art, music, food, dance, or political expression.

These photos were captured at the Cameron Art Museum on January 14th of this year, and feature the works of currently exhibited artists Steven Hayes – an NC native whose exhibit Voices of Future’s Past explores issues of race and economics in the united states through mediums such as “sculpture, casting, knitting, woodcuts, video and audio – and Pinkie Strother, whose exhibit Pinkie’s Memories recreates her life growing up in rural 1960s Maryland through small scale dioramas.

Also featured are photos of Boundless, the recently unveiled public sculpture honoring the services of United States Colored Troops during the civil war and especially dedicated to the colored troops who fought in the Battle of Forks Road. 

Boundless is currently open to the public, and Voices of Future’s Past will remain on exhibit until March of this year. Pinkie’s Memories, meanwhile, is set to be replaced by the end of this month. 

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