Highlighted Filmmakers

Check out our favorite filmmakers from the festival!

Find below a showcase of our favorite filmmakers with a bit of their work!

Chandler Pippin is a nonbinary experimental filmmaker. Their work often comes from inner struggles, whether it be grappling gender identity issues, familial issues, or being a worker in modern-day America. Having struggled with opening up to those around them, Chandler often tries to speak openly to the camera in their films as a way to free themselves from their anxieties. A lot of their work is uniquely their own, as they prefer to work on their own so as to preserve their personal vision.

Having grown up in a household of TV/Video professionals, Ben Develin is a filmmaker and photographer residing in Sydney. Ben grew up in a household of TV/Video professionals in his hometown of Canberra before starting a career in video. Now the Creative Director at Sydney based creative agency – Mude, Ben has produced commercials and music videos alongside brands such as Amazon, and Sony Music Entertainment.

Her experience and love for visual construction as production designer often feeds the distinctly constructed nature of her personal work, allowing stylised and surreal concepts to translate intimate and real subjects. Currently, Ina is working on a short dark-comedy drama about blame, with couple of documentaries steeped deeply in her cultural backgrounds in the pipeline. Combining her fascination of the world around her with experience and interest in multimedia animation, Ina’s current passion lies in the world of hybrid documentary.

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