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Here you can find our interviews and coverage of the events & stories of Wilmington, NC.

Juan Carlos Kase has published in OctoberDiscourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and CultureMillennium Film Journal, and The Moving Image. He is currently working on a monograph on the experimental documentary Portrait of Jason (1967). The overlapping aesthetic, historical, and political registers of experimental cinema, documentary, art history, performance, and popular music are the main subjects of his research.
Not everyone can change the world — but anyone can try. One such effort is now underway at the office of 350 UNCW president Kaiti Sheehan: she runs a nonprofit dedicated towards the divestment of UNCW shares in the fossil fuel industry. Gutterbliss reporters Jack Kessler and August Schaller met with UNCW senior Sheehan to ask the most important question of all: “just what do you guys do?” 

Here is a gallery of photographs taken by Gutterbliss correspondent Jack Kessler. The images show individuals vocalizing their frustrations over stalled police reform in the wake of widely unpopular court results involving the killing of Breonna Taylor.

Here is an etended interview with Dr. Don Habibi of the UNCW Philosophy Department. His career as an educator and scholar spans more than two decades. His areas of expertise include Social & Political Philosophy, Ethics, Legal Theory, Nineteenth Century British Philosophy (Liberalism, Utilitarianism), and the Political Culture of the contemporary Middle East. In this interview we discuss the challenges & opportunities of an adapting education system, Karl Marx, the marketplace of ideas, and his current research.
These are interviews recorded at a BLM Tribute to Rep. John Lewis on the anniversary of the 1963 march on Washington.
This is a retrospective of some of the protests that took place in Asheville, NC during the summer of 2020.
Footage was recorded by friend of Gutterbliss, Chris Borges.
Extended field Recording
In this extended field recording, nearly the entire event is heard. This includes music, recorded John Lewis Speeches, passionate presentations by community leaders, and much more.
On August 28, 2020, Gutterbliss reporters August Umi and Jack Kessler took to the streets of downtown Wilmington to cover the Wilmy BLM chapter’s tribute to John Lewis. What followed was proof to the old axiom that the whole world is a joint stock venture, and that some believe their shares aren’t valued nearly enough.
It’s freshman moving day and students are looking to the future with mixed feelings.

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Correspondent Jack Kessler and GutterBliss Editor-in-Chief August Umi go into the field to ask people the questions we want answered! Namely, what’s it like out here?

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