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Here we post submissions from artists, academics & journalists! I’m excited to announce that we are accepting submissions of any mode, format or topic. Nothing (almost) is off limits here at GutterBliss and we hope that you appreciate the creative freedom we strive for!

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Film by Tristan Turner, David Bortolotto, and Ronnie Youngman.
Music Video by Cheyenne Hiott
Song Written & Performed by the Good Good Grief
Produced, engineered, & mixed By Ian Millard and co-produced by Kyle Watts
Mastered By Matt Turtle
Tank, Chase, and Nickky talk the spooky and kooky in thier Halloween Special.
This experimental animation was made using a webcam connected to an arrangment of feedback engines and data striping configurations in saftware called TouchDesigner. Light is infrequently allowed to the webcam which translates into vedic patterns,
Music sampled from Microbes, the opening song off George Harrisons solo debut album, Wonderwall Music.
Nicky, Chase, and Tank talk about performers in this episode of Buckle Up Billy.
Sk8 VIdeo
By Fiona Costello
*Not intended for instructional use.
CHase, Tank, and Nicky go after the dark in this episode Buckle Up Billy.
Starring Cade and August
Edited by August Umi
This video follows the visions experienced by a pair of sunglasses.
Tank, Nicky, and Chase use this episode to talk about random things.
Mrs Slippy
This song comes from the band Appalachian Sunshine off thier debut album Shape Hunting.
Nicky, Chase, and Tank dedicated this episode of their culture podcast to Timothy Ghoul, Maynard Joestar, and J.P. Naruto.

Directed and photographed by Faith Gonce, these pictures are intended to be the physical manifestation of how some people can feel when living with negative mental struggles.

Chase, Tank, and Nicky discuss cartoon fathers in their culture podcast.

Skin Deep
Directed by Carissa Pozzi, produced by Christen Dobson, shot by Bailey Thompson, and edited by August Umi.
This documentary was made to highlit the tattoo as an artform, a personal expression, and even a source of family division.
Buckle Up Billy
Tank, Chase, and Nicky talk about the crazy things in life in their culture podcast.

Edited by August Umi
This short film is comprised of snippets from a wide variety of films arranged in an order that mimics a love recollection poem written by Edward Sanders titled The Ice.
It begins and ends with movements across a high resolution scan of a cover of Ed Sanders’ zine Fuck You, Magazine for the Arts.
Buckle Up Billy
A culture podcast started by Nicky, Tank, and Chase. This episode explores who would win in a fight.

– . .-.. .- …
Created by Tristan Turner
Handmade cyanotypes layered with plant matter are run through a digital shredder.
Buckle Up Billy
A culture podcast started by Nicky, Tank, and Chase. This epidose include featured Guest Devin Sweazey.
How to Relate
by Fiona Costello
 Dimensions: 6″x6″ ink on paper 
This piece is meant to highlight people’s way of understanding themselves via internet search engines. The immediate availability of the internet keeps people from having conversations with others they normally would have. The search engine keeps us from sharing a more insecure part of ourselves. The research overload during the onset of covid combined with temporary insomnia is what enabled her to make this piece. 
Buckle Up Billy
A culture podcast started by Nicky, Tank, and Chase.

Mature Playdate
Music performed by Rocky River Nightmare Band
Based in Boone, NC, RRNB has Cody Hudgins as the lead singer and guitarist in the band, along with Dylan Taylor on drums, Cole Jordan on guitar, and Tyler Mancini on bass.
We built our own camera arch rig, as well as completely redesigned my living room to fit the aesthetic we were going for. By the end of January, we shot in Cody’s home in Boone, as well as all across Wilmington on a Z Cam E2C cinema camera, a 5d Mark IV, and my dad’s old VHS recorder from the 90’s. Post production was the longest part of the process, as we spent at least 6 months really trying to solidify our vision into what we felt comfortable releasing.
Produced by PEECHY (@p.e.e.c.h.y, instagram tag)
 Directed by Trevor Werb and Tate Shockley
 Animated by Trevor Werb, Tate Shockley, and Rifka Roth
 DOP by Mike Parziali Color by Luke Peterson


Written & illustrated by DEVSWZ

Public domain footage edited by August Umi
Music composed by Macintosh Plus
Madison WI
Directed & Edited by Alec Gessert
Guitar riffs by Josh Moser & Max McMeeken
In/Out V2
Directed by Tristan Turner & David Bortolotto
The soundscape was constructed by converting the images to raw data and then to an mp3.
Nightmare You Can Chew
Written, Directed & Edited by Cade Carroll
Score Composed by Samuel Taylor

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